Flick Books

Flick books  a series of small happenings

I record on camera small details of our world that I come across by chance. 
I want to share the beauty of what may seem an unimportant natural object or happening – for example a ladybird crossing my path.

By making my films into flick books these important moments in time become an experience which the viewer can share. 

My flick books are time-based works that record small movements and changes and allow others to experience these minimal happenings and the humour that comes with them.  

Walnut peep show – a walnut shows its flesh
68 digital images. 
5 x 10cms x 1.7cms
Black or white versions available.

Ladybird – a ladybird passes through
A flickbook of 68 digital images.
5 x 10cms x 1.7cms

Peach – a tiny new world
A flickbook of 68 digital images. 
5 x 10cms x 1.7cms

Around a walnut – from every angle

Rose – blowing in the wind

Grass – barely moving