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Orange Peel

Orange Peel

I am forever amazed and fascinated by the beauty of the foods we eat, and that surround us in our every day lives.
From how we nourish ourselves to where our food comes from has always been an important part of my life. 

Collecting orange peel *: scraping, pressing, laser cutting the skins, the uniqueness of each peel's surface is revealed. In working with matter from nature I become more intimate with the minute details of our world.

I have zoomed in on a piece of orange peel as small as my little fingernail through an electron microscope, seeing it magnified thousands of times. 

Orange peel takes the form of etchings, prints, wall pieces and laser-cut orange, lemon and lime peel trees made from the actual peel of the fruits.

Selected prints and cards from my orange peel work are for sale in my online shop.